"Join the revolution with confidence. Our crypto consulting puts loyalty first, offering seamless onboarding, and unparalleled service and investor relations for our Guild." - Pulselorian

  • Investor onboarding.
  • Crypto, MetaMask, and Hardware wallet onboarding for new Crypto Investors.
  • Pulselorian Investor Relations.

  • Smart contract development consulting.
  • Smart contract audits.
  • Test driven Hardhat development.
  • Forking Mainnet.

  • Contract optimization, contract migration.
  • Uniswap v2 and v3 swap, add & remove liquidity in smart contracts.
  • Staking Contracts, NFTs.

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A Guild with Indomitable Faith & Loyalty.

“Come, little one.” — Yodalorian
“This is the Way.” — Ra Murd
“We are stronger together.” — Xan Skanust



DISCLAIMER: Crypto is extremely risky & volatile. There should be no expectation of profit from the work others. Please conduct your own due dilligence. 'Mandalorian' & 'Beskar' are trademarks of Lucasfilm, Inc. & Disney. No intentional resemblance. Copyright @ Pulselorian 2022.