Loyalty To The Guild Is Life, Without Loyalty One Has No Purpose
This Is The Way

Guild Levels

Little One
🦠 Plankton
Ιƒ 1,000
Ιƒ 1,000,000

    Our 'little one' is a newbie running around aimlessly who has not yet encountered 'The Way'. A 'little one' barely has exposure to the volatilities of the cryptonian battles, he does not yet understand 'The Way', neither has the strength to bear the weight of mighty BSKR.

Apprentice of 'The Way'
🦐 Shrimp
Ιƒ 10,000
Ιƒ 10,000,000

    Slowly learning about 'The Way', this is a 'little one' that has commenced his training. He belongs to the Guild. The Guild is showing him the 'The Way', it is up to him to master it and attain more BSKR, the ultimate path.

BSKR Hands Apprentice
πŸ¦€ Crab
Ιƒ 25,000
Ιƒ 25,000,000

    He understands what it takes to succeed. Loyalty to the Guild above all else. Understands the Guild is stronger together. Mastering 'The Way' and still has not fully developed BSKR Hands and delayed gratification. Still affected by fear, a treacherous path.

Master of 'The Way'
🦞 Lobster
Ιƒ 50,000
Ιƒ 50,000,000

    A Master of 'The Way', he now comprehends the only way to overcome 'fear, uncertainty, and doubt' is through BSKR hands. With every BSKR dip bought, and held, his BSKR armor and hands strengthens.

Master BSKR Hands
πŸ™ Octupus
Ιƒ 75,000
Ιƒ 75,000,000

    He Hodls BSKR with his hands for life. A true Master who belongs to the Guild and can assert his authority in BSKR. The amount and strength of his BSKR will lead him to prosperity and victory in Crypto battles.

Guild Captain
🐒 Turtle
Ιƒ 100,000
Ιƒ 100,000,000

    With indomitable BSKR hands he takes a disciples to show them 'The Way'. The Guild Captain is active within the Guild. He understands his active participation, communication, training, unity and recruitment of 'little ones' is what will strengthen BSKR and long term prosperity of the Guild.

Guild Elite Squad
🐟 Tuna
Ιƒ 250,000
Ιƒ 250,000,000

    Part of the Guild's elite squad. Sole purpose is training Pulselorians with the upmost precision of execution of BSKR Hands, Loyalty for life, and delayed gratification. A group of elite Guild Warriors that can unite to achieve any objective to Strengthen the Pulselorian Guild.

Guild Killer Negotiator
πŸ¦‘ Squid
Ιƒ 500,000
Ιƒ 500,000,000

    Feared killer negotiator Pulselorians will extract a deal out of anyone that tries to defy them. As they are loyal for life, their BSKR Hands are undeafetable. They lead the Guild with admiration and respect with the size and precision of their BSKR trades.

Guild Embassador
🐬 Dolphin
Ιƒ 750,000
Ιƒ 750,000,000

    With enough BSKR to hold great influence over powerful allies. He can create partnerships and alliances to expand the Pulselorian territory and BSKR trades. Due to the might of his BSKR is easy to influence leaders of great power from all around Crypto to join the Guild and 'The Way' of BSKR. He is a pillar to 'The Way'.

Guild Commander
🦈 Shark
Ιƒ 1,000,000
Ιƒ 1,000,000,000

    The Guild Commander does not need to influence. His might, strength and honors within the Pulselorian Guild is enough to make enemies tremble, drop their shields and whatever riches, to instantly become a mighty apprentice of 'The Way'. No word is neccessary, a simple display of his BSKR is needed. It does help he already converted some BSKR to a Pulselorian Lambo. A status revered by all Guild.

Runes of Knowledge Guardian
🐳 Whale
Ιƒ 2,500,000
Ιƒ 2,500,000,000

    Our Runes of Knowledge and Pulselorian Akaishic Scrolls Guardian embodies wisdom on every aspect of 'The Way'. With his judgement, our Guardians can yield great power within BSKR and the Guild. He is part of the High Council and a guru supporting 'El Vahir', the Indomitable, assuring BSKR strength.

El-Vahir - The Indomitable
πŸ‹ Humpback Whale
Ιƒ 10,000,000
Ιƒ 10,000,000,000

    'El Vahir' is an Indomitable force in BSKR, alone he has the power to yield the entire Guild to prosperity or ruin. The fate of BSKR lies within him. We are loyal to the Supreme Leader, he is one with 'The Way'. El-Vahir has the ability to manifest anything in his reality through mighty indomitable faith in BSKR.

Come 'litte one', we'll show you 'The Way' to indomitable faith in the resilliency of BSKR


  A Force-sensitive being belonging to a mysterious species. No one knows his origin. Yodalorian has witnessed the fall and rise of the FIAT Galactic Republic Empire throughout the eons. Small in stature but revered for his wisdom and power, Yodalorian joined forces with the Pulselorian Guild. Having lived through centuries of crypto galactic history, he has much to share on unlocking the path to freedom.

  A leading member of the Pulselorian Guild High Council, Yodalorian is our Pulselorian Guru. A pinnacle of wisdom and strength in dark days. Yodalorian welcomes the little ones who are still developing their faith in the absolute resilliency of BSKR. Sage advice, he has.

Fiat Empire

  The FED Battle Station, also known as the (Fear, Enslavement, and Death) Battle Station. Referred to as the Ultimate Weapon in early development stages and later as the FED. It is a deep-crypto-space network constructed by the Evil FIAT Galactic Empire. It had been designed to fire an unlimited nation-destroying controlled credits powered by massive Brrrrrrr, which can potentially destroy an entire civilization. It was created in secrecy by a cartel of powerful totalitarian structures.

RH Droids

  One of a series of dangerous droids largely outlawed in the cryptonian galaxies, the RH-5555 is a hired killer negotiator programmed to follow Pulselorian Guild protocols to the letter. Inspired and designed after the honorable undefeated Hexican 5555 Warriors. Reliable and durable, RH-5555's thin body is built on an armored substrate that can withstand repeated FUD. Just like a Pulselorian, this droid does not recognize fear, uncertainty, or doubt. It is against his programming to behave in such manner. He has built-in last-ditch fail-safes to prevent that from ever happening. The RH-5555 strengthens the Pulselorians BSKR Hands in the day of battle.

SepΓΌl Rianlo

  Every Pulselorian has a dark side and constantly battles against this power. When a Pulselorian becomes filled with fear and doubt, or succumbs into too much greed for BSKR profits. Our warrior dwelves into a treacherous path. The Pulselorian then abandons his Guild, his true Strength, and true source of prosperity and freedom. Although seductive the dark side is, mental anguish is his profit.

  Loyalty to the Guild is Life, without Loyalty, a Pulselorian has no purpose. Don't get filled with greed and fear. Come little one, the Guild is your strength. This is the way. May the Pulse be with you.

We Are Stronger Together

Heart Crusaders

  Richard Heart, AKA, the best man in Crypto has shown us 'the way'. The narrow path many fail to find is delayed gratification. All that matters is the 'number go up', and this can only be achieved by Buy & HODL, delayed gratification, and a loyal community. "MEME coins pump hard as f***" - RH.

369 Imperialists

  The number 369 holds mystical properties in the world of metaphysics & cryptocurrency investing, inspiring both reverence and fear. Some believe that the repetition of the number 3 symbolizes growth and prosperity. A Hidden Key has been revealed...3.69% of BSKR rewards shall be given to Pulselorians worthy of BSKR resilliency. Delayed gratification, this is the way. The power of 369 cannot be ignored and it remains an enigmatic presence in the world of crypto investing fueling the allure of this Pulselorian Guild.

Crypto Elites

  Masters in the arts of of crypto investing, unwavering loyalty to BSKR has proven time and time again to lead to massive profits and financial prosperity. With keen insight and calculated risks, Crypto Elites have established themselves as the forefront of the cryptocurrency revolution, reaping the riches that come with their loyal investment strategies. Joining this guild is not for the faint of heart, but for those who are willing to commit and stand by BSKR, the rewards are endless.

Indomitable Faith

  Indomitable faith in BSKR is the cornerstone of success in this dynamic and constantly evolving market. Those who possess it, possess a steadfast belief in the resilliency of BSKR to shape the future of finance. This unshakable confidence drives Pulselorians decisions and inspires them to withstand any FUD. Indomitable faith is not just a mindset, but a path to mastered in 'The Way'.

Undying Loyalty

  Undying loyalty in the face of FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) is the mark of a true Pulselorian. Those who remain committed to BSKR, even in the face of negative market sentiment, demonstrate a steadfast belief in the resilliency of mighty BSKR. This unwavering dedication sets these Pulselorians apart from those who are swayed by fear and uncertainty, leading to significant profits and unshakable stability. In the face of FUD, undying loyalty is the key to unlocking riches in Crypto.

5555 Warriors

  Inspired by Hex 5555, the combination of resiliency and delayed gratification is key to success in the world of cryptocurrencies. This number represents a commitment to the long-term stability, growth of the currency, and faith in its potential. By choosing to hold onto their investments, they demonstrate their resilience in the face of market volatility, as well as their willingness to delay immediate gratification for the chance at future profits. Hence 5555 Warriors represents a leap of faith, a belief in the resiliency and growth potential of BSKR, and a commitment to delayed gratification for long-term success.

Wise Greed

  Wisdom and greed are often seen as opposing forces in cryptocurrency investing, but possessing "Wise Greed" strikes the perfect balance. Wise Pulselorians understand the importance of calculated risks and maximizing profits, but they also know when to exercise caution and avoid impulsive decisions driven by greed. This combination of wisdom and carefully considered greed sets them apart leading them to riches beyond measure. Possessing wise greed is one of the hidden keys to unlocking riches with minimal risk.


A Guild with Indomitable Faith & Loyalty.

β€œCome, little one.” β€” Yodalorian
β€œThis is the Way.” β€” Ra Murd
β€œWe are stronger together.” β€” Xan Skanust



DISCLAIMER: Crypto is extremely risky & volatile. There should be no expectation of profit from the work others. Please conduct your own due dilligence. 'Mandalorian' & 'Beskar' are trademarks of Lucasfilm, Inc. & Disney. No intentional resemblance. Copyright @ Pulselorian 2022.