FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What garantees this project is not a scam, rug or pump and dump?

     Firstly, You should assume every project is a rug or a scam at first and be sure to conduct your own due dilligence before making any financial decisions. Secondly, Pulselorian clearly states that there should be no expectation of profits from the work of others. With that said, the team also has a github link posted on it's twitter profile, and contract code will be made public for verification before token launch. Additionally, we plan to conduct an Audit with a third party contract Auditor (example: Certik) to identify any potential issues. Finally the team intends to also conduct a third party KYC, where in case the project turns out to be a scam, team's identities will be handed to the authorities.

     As for pumping and dumping, the team does not gain much from such action. Firstly, the team owns only a small percentage of the supply where dumping would not stop the long term success of the project. Secondly, it is much more beneficial to the team to ensure the project succeeds long term than to dump it.

How do I buy the Token?

     The Token has not launched yet. Before token launch there will be a Sacrifice Phase where sacrifice details will be outlined. Once the Sacrifice phase is over, the token will be available for trading on Decentralized exchange PulseX.

     In order to participate on the sacrifice or buy the token from PulseX you will need a crypto wallet (example: MetaMask "recomended").

     In order to fund your MetaMask wallet you'll first need to buy crypto through a Centralized Exchange such as Coinbase or Crypto.com and then send native tokens to your MetaMask account.

What is token Burn and what are the benefits?

     “Burning” crypto means permanently removing a number of tokens from circulation. This is typically done by transferring the tokens in question to a burn address, i.e. a wallet from which they cannot ever be retrieved. This is often described as destroying tokens. A project burns its tokens to reduce the overall supply. Assuming Demand remains constant, a reduction in circulating supply of tokens results in a price increase.

What is Reflection and what are the benefits?

     Reflection tokens are cryptocurrencies that reward holders by employing a mechanism in which transactions are taxed and a percentage of the tax charged is redistributed to holders of the token.

     One of the reasons behind the tokenomics of reflection tokens is to prevent large price drops new cryptocurrencies often face from whales during their price discovery phase.

     Also, since holders are rewarded with new tokens, the mechanism incentivises investors to hold onto their tokens long-term. Because of this, reflection mechanisms are seen as an effective way of keeping investors loyal to a project.

When will BSKR launch?

     BSKR will launch when PulseChain launches. Tokens obtained thorugh Sacrifice Phase and Airdrop will be airdropped shortly after PulseChain launch, and available for trading on the PulseX exchange.

DISCLAIMER: Crypto is high risk and there should be no expectation of profit from the work of others. Please ensure you have done your own due diligence before making any financial decisions. Pulselorian is a community led token to help build and grow the PulseChain ecosystem. 'Mandalorian' and 'Beskar' are trademarks of Lucasfilm, Inc. & Disney. Any character resemblance is mere coincidence.