LBSKR Staking Vault

How it Works?

50% of LBSKR supply distributed at fixed rate of 0.0008% per hour. (Starts at ~7% p.a. and gradually drops with inflation vault balance).

Upon stake, contract swaps LBSKR into BSKR and locks it.

Staker accrues BSKR reflections + LBSKR interest. At end of stake, Staker receives both tokens.

Early Unstakers penalized. Penalty starts at 13% (decreases 1% per 4 weeks staked. ZERO Penalty after 1 Year Staked). Penalty is burned forever.

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Active Stakes

Rewards Accrue Hourly

ID Staked Since Staked LBSKR Staked BSKR LBSKR Rewards BSKR Rewards LBSKR ROI Penalty Early Unstake 0% Penalty in Unstake

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