Most Loyal Guild in Crypto

Welcome to PULSELORIAN, a loyal guild of crypto investors.
Hyper-deflationary value storage and superior yield.

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Liquidity Locked

ETHLiquidity Locked

55 years





Protecting over $50B USD across 1500+ projects.

Pulselorian Audit Report


5% Proof of Loyalty tx. fee

  • Staking

    2% of fee redistributed to holders (excludes: OA, growth, payday, burn addresses).

  • Liquidity Pool Acquisition

    0.5% of fee auto added to liquidity pool.

  • Anti-Whale (Soft)

    20% max wallet size. 4% max transaction size.

  • Token Burn

    2% of fee is burned forever.

  • Growth Fund

    0.5% Tx. Fee for development of new products. Holders may receive airdrops or privileges on future products.

  • Ownership Renounced

    Ownership of contract can be renounced, once renounced there is no way to regain ownership as a security feature.

  • Fixed Supply (Deflationary)

    1 Trillion supply
  • Sacrificer's Payday

    3.69% of supply as Payday for Sacrificers who do not sell, transfer, or add liquidity for 6 months after launch.

  • Airdrop & Burn Events

    Airdrops to expand and burn events to reward the Pulselorian Guild.

Ƀ BSKR Tokenomics

  • 3.10%    Airdrop

  • 3.69%    Payday

  • 4.99%    Development - LOCKED 1 Year

  • 9.81%    ETH PLS Liquidity

  • 9.81%    LBSKR Liquidity

  • 8.31%    Marketing

  • 60.29%    Sacrifice

A Guild where Loyalty is Life


0.5% Proof of Loyalty tx. fee

  • Fixed Supply

    1 Trillion supply
  • Staking

    64% of supply distributed to Stakers. Starts at 7% per anum, decreases by 10% y.o.y. in perpetuity.

  • Sustainable Inflation

    Low reward rate for long term sustainability of price & yield. Distributed via bonding curve in perpetuity.

  • Burn

    0.25% to burn address & 0.25% to growth address for development of the ecosystem.

  • Penalties

    13% Penalty for early unstake. Decreases by 1% every 4 weeks. No Penalty after 1 year. Penalties promote delayed gratification and scarcity.

Ƚ LBSKR Tokenomics

  • 3.10%    Airdrop

  • 4.99%    Development Ƚ - LOCKED 1 Year

  • 8.31%    Marketing

  • 9.81%    BSKR Liquidity

  • 4.905%    ETH PLS Liquidity

  • 4.905%    BSKR Sacrificers

  • 50%    Stake Rewards

  • 14.19%    NFTs Rewards

This Is The Way

  Website Creation

  BSKR Token Development

  + 1000 Twitter & Telegram members


  NFT Staking

  LBSKR Token Development

  Website Revamp

Marketing Phase

Influencer Marketing Push & Giveaways

Coin Ranking Listing

Partnerships & Ads Crypto Websites

CEX Listing, + 10,000 Holders, Future Products and Metaverse Integration


Doxxed Devs, Public Github.


A Guild with Indomitable Faith & Loyalty.

“Come, little one.” — Yodalorian
“This is the Way.” — Ra Murd
“We are stronger together.” — Xan Skanust



DISCLAIMER: Crypto is extremely risky & volatile. There should be no expectation of profit from the work others. Please conduct your own due dilligence. 'Mandalorian' & 'Beskar' are trademarks of Lucasfilm, Inc. & Disney. No intentional resemblance. Copyright @ Pulselorian 2022.