The Most Loyal Guild in Crypto

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PULSELORIAN is a lineage of loyal crypto investors.

Ƀ BSKR and Ƚ LBSKR are our native currencies. The rarest and most resilient of assets, able to withstand any FUD.



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Trusted Smart Contract Auditors & Developers protecting over $50B in value across 1500+ projects.

Pulselorian Audit Report


5.5% Proof of Loyalty fee per transaction.

  • Staking

    36% of fee redistributed to holders (excludes: OA, growth, payday, burn addresses).

  • Liquidity Pool Acquisition

    9% of fee auto added to liquidity pool when it reaches 0.1% of total supply.

  • Net Buyer's Payday

    9% of fee for Net Buyer Paydays. To be eligible, your BSKR balance at quarter end needs to be greater than your BSKR balance at quarter start. The balance has to increase by net buy transactions, not reflection.

  • Token Burn

    27% of fee is burned forever.

  • Growth Fund

    1% Tx. Fee for development of new products. Holders may receive airdrops or privileges on future products.

  • Ownership Renounced

    Ownership of contract can be renounced, once renounced there is no way to regain ownership as a security feature.

  • Anti-Whale (Soft)

    20% max wallet size. 4% max transaction size.

  • Fixed Supply (Deflationary)

    1 Trillion tokens on PulseChain
    1 Billion tokens on Ethereum
  • Sacrificer's Payday

    3.69% of supply as Payday for Sacrificers who do not sell, transfer, or add liquidity for 6 months after launch.

  • Airdrop & Burn Events

    Airdrops to expand and burn events to reward the Pulselorian Guild.

Ƀ BSKR Tokenomics

  • 3.10%    Airdrop31,000,000 Ƀ

  • 3.69%    Payday36,900,000 Ƀ

  • 4.99%    Development49,900,000 Ƀ - LOCKED 1 Year

  • 9.81%    (ETH or PLS) Liquidity98,100,000 Ƀ

  • 9.81%    LBSKR Liquidity98,100,000 Ƀ

  • 8.31%    Marketing83,100,000 Ƀ

  • 60.29%    Sacrifice602,900,000 Ƀ

A Crypto Guild where Loyalty is Life


0.2% Proof of Loyalty fee per transaction.

  • Fixed Supply

    1 Trillion tokens on PulseChain
    1 Billion tokens on Ethereum
  • Staking

    50 % of LBSKR supply distributed to LBSKR Stakers. Starts at 7% per anum, decreaser by 10% y.o.y. in perpetuity.

  • NFT Staking

    +14 % of LBSKR supply distributed to NFT Holders.

  • Sustainable Inflation

    Low reward rate for long term sustainability of price & yield. Distributed via bonding curve in perpetuity

  • Burn

    0.1% to burn address & 0.1% to growth address for development of the ecosystem.

  • 50% Discount on Ƀ BSKR fees

    Creates arbitrage opportunities, incentivizes BSKR profits, thus generating more reflection and burn for Holders. Favors BSKR capital outflow to remain in the Pulselorian ecosystem and drive LBSKR price UP.

  • Penalties

    13% Penalty for early unstake. Decreases by 1% every 4 weeks. No Penalty after 1 year. Penalties ensure good investment practices, and helps promote supply scarcity.

Ƚ LBSKR Tokenomics

  • 3.10%    Airdrop31,000,000 Ƚ

  • 4.99%    Development49,900,000 Ƚ - LOCKED 1 Year

  • 8.31%    Marketing83,100,000 Ƚ

  • 9.81%    Liquidity BSKR98,100,000 Ƚ

  • 4.905%    (ETH or PLS) Liquidity49,050,000 Ƚ

  • 4.905%    BSKR Sacrificers49,050,000 Ƚ

  • 50%    Stake Rewards500,000,000 Ƚ - Disbursed via bonding curve in Perpetuity

  • 14.19%    NFTs Rewards141,900,000 Ƚ - Disbursed over 10 years.

Yearly Inflation vs. Supply

7% per annum inflation, decreases by 10% per year in perpetuity.

This Is The Way


  Website Creation

  BSKR Token Development

  + 1000 Twitter & Telegram members


  NFT Staking

  LBSKR Token Development

  Website Revamp

Marketing Phase

Influencer Marketing Push & Giveaways

Coin Ranking Listing

Partnerships & Ads Crypto Websites

CEX Listing, + 10,000 Holders, Future Products and Metaverse Integration


Doxxed Devs, Interviewed on Youtube, Public Github.

$100,000 USD Seed Fund from Founders

“Come, little one.” — Yodalorian

“This is the Way.” — Ra Murd

“We are stronger together.” — Xan Skanust

A Guild with Indomitable Faith & Loyalty.

DISCLAIMER: Crypto is high risk, cryptocurrencies are known to be extremely volatile. There should be no expectation of profit from the work of others and you should ensure you've done your own due diligence prior any financial decisions. Pulselorian is a community led token to help build and grow the PulseChain ecosystem. 'Mandalorian' and 'Beskar' are trademarks of Lucasfilm, Inc. & Disney. Any character resemblance is mere coincidence.